Cheers to 2019's awesome Startup Weekend Madison!

Congratulations to all our participants and winners!

A huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers, mentors and judges who helped throughout the weekend, as well as all the members of the community who came for the final presentations.


1st Place Overall
3rd Place for Audience Favorite


White-labeled reminders for insurance companies to help their clients stay-up-to-date and mitigate their risks.

  • John P. Oliver
  • Edgar Lopez
  • Kimberly Vega
  • Jesus Velasco
  • Michael Kahle
2nd Place Overall
2nd Place for Audience Favorite


Mini snack subscription box featuring products from around the world

  • Bang Chen
  • Joko Supriyanto
  • YanYan
  • Robert Freund
  • Manzur Khan
3rd Place Overall
1st Place for Audience Favorite


Mobile app for sharing, selling and viewing urban sketches

  • Vidya Giri
  • Will Conley
  • Jon Polfer


Opening night speaker Mary Burke
Pitching on opening night
Pitching on opening night
Pitching on opening night
Voting on opening night pitches
Forming teams on opening night
Team Mystery Meals talking with mentor Alex Lindenmeyer
Team SavorCrate meets with mentor Rasheid Atlas
Talking through Saturday's schedule
Talking about our code of conduct
2019's T-shirts
2019's mentors
Dinner time!
2nd place winner SavorCrate!
2019 organizers
2019 organizers
Team esora
Attendees work on their idea
Practicing pitches on Sunday
Preparing for pitches on Sunday
1st place winner esora!
Lola, the Startup Weekend mascot
We try to be inclusive of all people ❤️
Facilitator Brian Samson addresses attendees
Opening night speaker Alisa Toninato
Opening night speaker Sarah Van Dyke
Getting advice from mentor Karen Caswelch
Team esora
Team SavorCrate
Team crowdsketch chatting with mentor Mary Burke
Team Mystery Meal
Team Mystery Meal
Team crowdsketch meets with mentor Mary Burke
Chatting opening night about startup ideas
The whole crew
Post-lunch check-in in the main room
Chatting about pitches opening night
Getting to know each other opening night
Final pitch ideas, ready for voting!
Voting on opening night pitches
Notes for crafting a good pitch
Doing an ice breaker opening night
Pitching on opening night
Pitching on opening night